This current warranty information takes precedence over our previous warranty statement.

Customer Registration Required

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Federal regulations require motor vehicle manufacturers to maintain a record of original owners of their equipment. Our warranty registration fulfills this requirement. Please make every effort to complete this document.

Before warranty can be authorized, we must receive completed warranty registration.

If we have not received the warranty registration, our Limited One-Year Warranty will start from the date of shipment to the original dealer and extend to 12 months beyond that date and the Limited Lifetime Frame Warranty will be limited to 3 years from the date of manufacture.

It is to the consumer’s benefit that the dealer or the customer complete warranty registration on the date of the sale of the trailer as it would extend their warranty period.


Warranty claims must be through an authorized Big Tow trailer dealer. The dealer must call our warranty department and they will be provided with a claim form. Prior authorization is required before any work can be performed. Failure to get prior authorization may result in denial of the claim.

In order to better serve the dealer and the consumer, all warranty claims MUST HAVE a preauthorization number PRIOR to any warranty work being performed. If the work performed is not preauthorized with a claim number, the warranty claim may be deemed void. The dealer must call our warranty service department to receive an authorization number. Big Tow must also receive immediate notification of a defect in material or workmanship in order to expedite the warranty service.

Also, defective parts must be returned within 30 days of receipt of replacement parts or you will be invoiced for those parts.

Big Tow does not pre-authorize any dealership for warranty work. These procedures must be followed or the warranty will be null and void.

If you have any questions about our warranty policy, please contact our warranty department.

Call our warranty department at 320-593-4543.

When directed by our warranty and service department to return components, please send them to the shipping address below:

Big Tow Warranty Returns
61381 U.S. Hwy 12
Litchfield, MN 55355

Manufacturer reserves the right to modify, without notice, specific designs, specifications and policies (including warranty policy) as they see fit without obligation in regards to products previously sold. The manufacturer also reserves the right to discontinue any model or policy without obligation in regards to previously sold products.

REVISED: 4/2018

61381 US HWY 12
PH: 866-397-8481
FX: 320-693-7921